Healthy food delivery: the new frontier of delivery service

It clearly is a fact: what we used to know as “food delivery” has now become “healthy food delivery”. 

In our previous articles, we discussed about different topics: the pros of trusting a diet delivery system, for instance. But also the dramatic momentum meal kits are experiencing. Healthy meal kits, I apologize.

What do those trends have in common? The fact that they give priority to health and wellness.

People are focusing more and more on their physical well-being and food could be their first and best alley. Or enemy, it really depends on points of view. 

What are they and how do they work

We’ve already mentioned meal kits, how they work and how funny could be becoming your own personal cook for just one night. Many famous chefs, giving the times we are currently facing, have decided to join this new trend. They came up with the idea of putting some carefully-selected, healthy and tasty ingredients in one box and deliver it to their clients. This would be accompanied by a recipe and all the useful instructions one may need to replicate the plate. 

It is safe to say that this idea has had a lot of success since it gives the possibility to many people to try and taste a (sometimes) starred plate or also to prepare a special dish for a special occasion, who knows.

On the other hand, there are now entire companies built around the concept of healthy food delivery that is to say, preparing pre-portioned meals, packaging them and sending them to your doorstep. Consequently, there are plenty of meal kit delivery services out there to choose from. Most of these types of companies employ chefs and dietitians who choose the recipes and the ingredients.

What are the advantages?

As we said in our last article, this method allows you to save your time (no more queues, no more grocery stores) and eventually will also teach you something. You could experiment, try new things and improve your culinary skills.

Of course, this change reflects the strange and weird times we are living in. None’s got the time (or the will) to go to supermarkets, to cook, to clean up and so on… Nevertheless, at the same time they wouldn’t settle for any delivery. They want something healthy but tasty, not full of fat but as satisfactory… in other words, they want to eat something they would have cooked themselves without having to.

healthy food delivery

But are meal kits the best option for everyone?

Ours are frenetic times. Working people usually have plenty to do and they hardly have time or the will to re-create a plate or to follow a recipe.

…and that’s why healthy food delivery is the solution!

Right there we come into play.

Nutribees combines the concepts of healthy food and food delivery, providing the first healthy food delivery service of Italy.

Some hints of what we do…

First: it’s a food delivery service but we only deliver balanced, tasty and healthy meals, which makes us a healthy food delivery service;

Second: our meals are ready-to-eat, so you won’t need to cook anything or to deal with some complicate recipe. You’ll only need to warm up your meal for like 2 minutes and then you’re ready;

Third: the only thing you need to do is sit on your couch, take your tablet or smartphone and then give a look at our menu. Then you just have to select your favorite ones and we deliver them at your doorstep.

Easy, isn’t it?

healthy food delivery

We consider this as the best option especially nowadays, giving the fact that people are paying a lot more attention to what they eat. 

… and some reasons why you should give us a try!

What make us feel special, somehow, is the concept. We truly believe everyone should consider food as a pleasure but we also want to simplify things. Our customers choose, we collect their fave foodinto a box and deliver it to them right away.

Thanks to the storage in a protected atmosphere, our ready-to-eat meals have a long shelf life and can therefore be shipped throughout Italy using isothermal packaging. The customers then only have to store them in the refrigerator and reheat them before consumption.

Compared to other methods, Nutribees can be more convenient because those who want to eat well and do not have time can already have all the ready-made dishes in the refrigerator without having to order each time and therefore having greater flexibility.

In these surreal times of changing, healthy food delivery looks like the right solution for those who want to either eat better but don’t know where to start and don’t have time.